Who are we?

Killara Croquet Club is situated in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore.
The lawns and a substantial clubhouse are located in Regimental Park on the corner of Lorne Avenue and the Pacific Highway, Killara, and are within walking distance of Killara Railway Station.

The Club has two lawns. The lawns are maintained by Ku-Ring-Gai Council and the Council staff take a great deal of pride in their operations. As a result the Club’s lawns are considered among the best in Sydney.


Parking is available on Lorne Avenue with some time restrictions. Parking is also available in the Killara Station carpark – $5.00 on a weekday. Parking is also available in Spencer Road

What is Croquet anyway?

Croquet is a game involving 2 or 4 players – each player having a mallet. There are 4 balls, a series of hoops and a final peg on a croquet lawn. The croquet lawn or croquet court is a level grassed area, 35 yards (32 metres) by 28 yards (26.6 metres).


The traditional game – Association Croquet – has been characterised as a cross between Golf (a stick and ball game), Billiards (Croquet has strokes involving direction changes, cannons and shots of varying distances) and Chess or Warfare (depending on one’s outlook). There is a lot of strategy involved so thinking, planning and skullduggery play a big part.

There is another form of the game – Golf Croquet – that has emerged over the past decade or so. This offers a fast, interactive contest in which the players use combatative tactics to be the first to pass through each hoop. A game of Golf Croquet typically lasts an hour or less.

Both forms of the game are great fun and suit all ages.

Croquet has been thought of as an “old people’s game”. The current world champion is a 54 year old from the UK and a previous champion was 25. Killara boasts a mother and son combination who are leaders in the world of Golf Croquet. There are centenarians playing the game. Certainly it is for everyone!

We will be holding several “Come and try” sessions to give you a taste of the fun, challenge and friendship involved in croquet.

If you would like to go further we offer a familiarisation and skills development course.

This involves 6 lessons with our Coaches, Fay Simpson and Ron Buist, and covers the equipment, the strokes involved in the game and the tactics used to play a successful game.

The first 3 lessons are free and the other 3 are charged at $10.00 each. The $30.00 is deducted from the membership fee should you wish to join the Club.


Killara Croquet Club welcomes new members and we are very happy to offer a “Come and try” package.